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Arms and Conflict


Drones: Transparency or Legitimacy?

On April 2, California Democrat Adam Schiff and North Carolina Republican Walter Jones co-sponsored a bill that would force greater transparency regarding the U.S.’s use

Activism and Advocacy


Cast a Blind Eye on the Gulf

Photo Credit: Mohammed Mirza / YFrog / NY Times As Britain announced the opening of a new naval base in Bahrain, Zainab Al Khawaja was


International Justice



LGBTQ Rights


Putin Declares War on LGBT Rights

By Bernadette Stadler June 2013 was a month of victory for the LGBT community in the United States as the Supreme Court overturned both the

Women's Rights


My Name is (Wo)man: Voices of Istanbul

http://vimeo.com/69411305 Artist’s Statement: What does it mean to have a right that you did not fight for? In 1930s, Turkey gave full political rights to

Civil and Political Rights

Bhutanese woman

Bhutanese Refugees at Brown Through Film

  On October 15, 2014, Brown students gathered for a screening of the film, The Refugees of Shangri-La, a documentary following Bhutanese refugee families from